Clint Eastwood Talks To ‘Invisible Obama’ At RNC, President Responds

All eyes have been glued on the Republican National Convention this week, and its final night in Tampa (Aug. 30) was certainly one for the books. GOP candidate Mitt Romney’s “mystery guest” — famed Hollywood actor/director Clint Eastwood — stole the show… in the weirdest way possible. The strangest moment of the night came during Eastwood’s speech (see video below), when the star actor addressed an empty chair which everyone’s referring to as “Invisible Obama.” Eastwood’s much talked about speech has already spawned the parody account @invisibleObama. President Obama (and/or his social media handlers) responded to Eastwood’s bit on Twitter by posting a picture of the Prez seated in a chair, with his back turned in what looks like a meeting, along with the message, “This seat’s taken.” Oh yeah, in case you forgot, amidst all this, Mitt Romney officially accepted the GOP presidential nomination last night.