Clockwork Arrives with Titan EP

Clockwork’s debut on Mad Decent Records commences with his EP Titan. Two versions of the title track are available for your EDM fix from the just 21 youngblood producer. The anthem (and rolling with the Diplo crew) puts him in the running to be the wunderkind of the massive, multi-sub-genre of electronic dance this year.

Titan is a thundering mix of classic electro house underlays, topped with today’s ubiquitous drum and bass/clash rock influences that notably rolls out on the breakdown. Yet, Clockwork stays true to his house roots throughout the track and blends it all together (seemingly) effortlessly. The second track “Titan (BBBS)” is a slightly abated cut that’s given a calm Afrobeat push, leading into a bubbling and then an implosive heavy metal bust. The Big Bad Bassline Sound nearly beats the original song as definite ear candy, but both tracks are unforgettably awesome.

Listen below and tell us what you think…

You can stream Titan on its official SoundCloud page, and it’s available for purchase at iTunes and Beatport. There’s also a contest to remix “Titan” through early September.