Clown Owned Steve Jobs’ Stolen iPad

Who would’ve thought a clown could find Steve Jobs’ stolen iPad in his hands?

According to Yahoo! News, 47-year-old Kenneth Kahn, who works as a professional entertainer under the moniker “Kenny the Clown” in San Francisco, was given a silver 64gb iPad that was swindled from the home of the late Apple innovator.

His friend Kariem McFarlin was arrested on suspicion of breaking into Jobs’ Palo Alto residence on Aug. 2. Police said Apple investigators identified McFarlin as the culprit after he used the stolen device to connect to his iTunes account (go figure).

The two buddies had planned a getaway to Hawaii but when the trip fell through, McFarlin gifted the clown with the device in exchange for the $300 he owed for the plane tickets.

Kahn is a well-known street performer who once put in a bid to become mayor of Alameda and San Francisco. Today, he can say that he was jiggying to Michael Jackson songs that blasted from the tech god’s iPad. It has since been returned to the Jobs’ family.

“The thing that is embarrassing to me is I’m a huge fan of Steve Jobs,” said Kahn. “It’s just bizarre.”