CSU Offers Course on Michael Jackson


Clark-Atlanta University takes a modern approach to education and taps into the legacy of the Michael Jackson as both a successful businessman and pop icon. Prominent entertainment attorney, James Walker, will teach the class, “Micheal Jackson: The Business of Music,” concentrating on a curriculum that focuses on Jackson’s approach to business, from how he worked with record companies, tours, and legally marketing himself in terms of copyrights and trademarks. According to Walker, “The goal is to help students who have an interest or future desire to work in the entertainment industry whether as an artist, attorney, business manager, accountant or other…[and] to really provide my students with a comprehensive understanding of the music industry and the business mechanics involved.” Clark-Atlanta University will become the first to offer a class on the legendary pop singer.

James Walker, along with being well versed in the industry, runs a successful law practice, and authored the bestselling book, “The Business of Urban Music.” His offices are located in Monroe, Connecticut, and Atlanta, Georgia.