Decibel Festival Turns Up the BPMS


Unlike the majority of music festivals across the nation, Seattle based Decibel Festival brings a much needed breeze on a hot summer day. Instead of featuring the biggest names money can buy, the west coast event company boasts a gathering filled with live performances backed with top of the line sound while integrating the most technological setups around. As the DJ/producer market becomes saturated with those who merely press play, it is the artists featured at Decibel that push the limit and stay outside the realm of typical. Boasting a sound in the more deeper side of the things, VIBE has compiled a list of artists you should know. Although these DJs may not be on TRL’s countdown, they are the epitome of what true musical visionaries are.

DJ/producer Manik has hit the EDM scene like a perfect storm. Only 26 years old, with two albums under his belt, the kid from Queens Boulevard has taken his soulful sound across the globe. DJ Mag declared his tunes, “some of the best house we’ve heard in years,” and they weren’t lying. Under close watch of producer royalties Josh Wink and Steve Bug, this DJ will undoubtedly keep climbing higher up the mountain of success. Considered to be one of the brightest stars in EDM’s galaxy, his set is not to be missed.

Carl Craig
Carl Craig is as relevant to music history as much as Thomas Jefferson is to America’s independence. This dance floor destroyer is one of the founding fathers of modern day house and it all started in Detroit. Celebrating 20 years with his Planet – E imprint, Craig embarks on a big tour as he showcases his new live setup. Under of the name of 69 and the integration of masks and mystery, this is the first time Craig will be touring under his new alias. This guy has been captivating crowds for two decades and now he is pushing a new live setup… nuff said.

Bass fueled insanity. Those are a few words that barely scratch the surface when describing South African producer Marty Party. Currently residing in Brooklyn and basking in the dubstep explosion that has taken the US by storm, Marty Party throws down like no other. Integrating the use of a live setup that only musically gifted tech heads could even comprehend, MP fills rooms with devastating wobbles as he intoxicates the crowd. Unlike most dubsteppers, Marty Party’s sets are guaranteed to be different every time as he successfully integrates other genres effortlessly and unscripted.

The definition of an overnight success story should be next to the name Emancipator. Touring with the likes of Bassnectar, STS9, and Pretty Lights, this production guru has some serious skill. Embellishing an ambient and unique sound, the Oregon native has even had one of his tracks featured at the Beijing Olympics. That feat alone sits him alongside names like Tiesto and The Chemical Brothers for being chosen as a part of the world’s soundtrack. His live setup is far beyond the realm of simple and will open EDM junkies to a new avenue of awesome.

After an 8 year hiatus, the British brother production duo dubbed Orbital has returned. After putting their music partnership on hold in 04’, brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll return energized and ambitious. Following their freshest album release, the two plan to amaze crowds with their amazing live setup consisting of crazy sound manipulation. Comparable to the likes of The Chemical Brothers, their set is bound to be something out of this world and not something seen at a club any given night. They sell out stadiums…just saying.