Diablo 3 Starter Edition Will Be Free-To-Play

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Want to know what all the fuss is about when it comes to Diablo 3? Don’t worry we got you covered.

While the saying, “There is no free lunch in this world,” may be true, it is however not the adage that applies to Diablo 3 Starter Edition. The popular PC game is releasing a free-to-play version for those looking to see what all the hype is about regarding the action-adventure role-playing game. For those betting their dollars on being #1 with the free-to-play release, you’ll be sad to read that the Starter Edition is not the complete game, but rather, a limited version of Diablo 3 which will see your character fight his or her way through to level 13 while facing off with the Skeleton King boss in Act I.

The Diablo 3 Starter Edition can be activated with the help of a friend, where you will need to borrow a game disc from them, then create a new Battle.net account, or just simply pay a visit to the “Your Game Accounts” section of your current Battle.net account. We’re still advocating you gamers out there using those funds in your wallet to purchase the full game due to the incentive that all your achievements will be carried over when you perform the upgrade. In addition to any limitations the Starter Edition allows, the game only allows matchmaking with other Starter Edition players. Also, there’s no Auction House access (Real Money or Gold), and Global Play is not available. Just be careful as Battle.net was recently hacked.

Diablo 3 Starter Edition is available for free-to-play now. Watch the trailer above to get familiar with Blizzard Entertainment’s franchise series.

Props: VG/247