Did Chief Keef Diss Lil Wayne?


Damn, Chief Keef! The ink on his Interscope deal hasn’t even dried yet, and he’s already stirring up more controversy with the rap heavyweights.

In the clip below, Keef can be heard saying “Lil Wayne? I ain’t cool with him. I’m cool with Birdman. I don’t like Lil Wayne” when the latter MC’s name was brought up. It’s also being reported that he called Weezy a “homo” as well, but there’s a little too much static in the audio for us to confirm that.

Not sure where this “beef” came from, but it’s never a good look to come at someone who’s been in the game for well over a decade now—especially with slurs like that.

See below and see if you he really did call Weezy the homophobic epitaph: