Heinz Ketchup Sued Over ‘Dip & Squeeze’ Packet Design


There are ketchup packets that are squeezable and some that are dip-able, but none that were both…until now. With the patented “Dip & Squeeze” packet, Heinz solved a major ketchup packet problem. With the new Heinz invention you can easily squeeze and dip with the “Same D*mn Packet” (Future voice).

However, while the whole world can praise Heinz over this great refinement in packaging, Scott White is crying theft.

White recently filed a lawsuit accusing Heinz got the Dip & Squeeze packet design from him. Risk analyst for the Chicago Housing Authority and part-time inventor, White claims he presented Heinz with the same design in 2006, according to the Wall Street Journal.

His design, named “CondiCup” was to fit in a car’s cup holder with the ability to be peeled back a little bit for spreading or all the way for dipping. He was granted the patent for his design last month, but Heinz is sticking with their claim that it was an internal invention.

A Heinz spokeswomen emailed the Huffington Post stating the company: “worked for years to develop its patented dual-function Dip & Squeeze package. Heinz won a similar lawsuit earlier this summer. This is another frivolous lawsuit and we will aggressively defend our position and demonstrate that the allegations are groundless and without merit.”

White and his attorneys couldn’t be reached.

-Courtesy of Inquisitr