DJ Rob Swift Unites With ESPN U’s New Show

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Battle DJs and sports go hand-in-hand. Think about it, one focuses on demolishing your opponent and the other does the same thing. Training is involved in one as is the other, studying of the competition is paramount in both and consistent winning in either puts you with legends…icons even. So first off let’s salute a turntable titan, innovator and champion of sound, DJ Rob Swift of mix master/DJ battle crew The X-ecutioners, on his addition to ESPN U’s newest show Unite debuting on August 27th.

Rob has been traveling the world spreading the good music gospel with expert skills in turntablism and the history behind how the genre was created. He also has a deep family rooted love for sports. What better way to make money and have fun doing what you love by being the music selector for a sports driven television show? Rob has certainly found his dream job with this best of both worlds situation.

The maestro recently wrote a blog about his new position at ESPN U, check his words and then tune in on August 27th to see a real DJ get busy on the set!

“On Monday, August 27th I take my career and the art of DJing to new heights as a cast member for ESPN’s first late night – sports entertainment show, UNITE (ESPN U). A fitting title because it’s going to be the first time since I was 17 that I get to re-UNITE my two passions in life, DJing and sports. My roll on the show revolves around me scoring highlights from various college sports games, providing the soundtrack to the show as the cast (former Florida State Seminole & NY Giants QB Danny Kannel, TV personality Marianela, and
comedian Reese Waters) debate and poke fun at the day’s college sports topics. I’ll be rockin’ two Technic 1200s, the Rane Sixty-Two and my Serato. This is the first of it’s kind ya’ll. Never has a DJ been such an integral part of a live television show. ESPN is the most recognized sports network across the world and with my passion of sports and Djing combined, this is yet again, a defining moment in my career.

UNITE will air Monday through Friday from midnight to 1am (eastern standard time). If you’re in the NYC area and have TIME WARNER CABLE that’s channel 170 or 479 if you want to see kill it in HD. I hope you’re there every step of the way.

Never would I have thought as a 12-year-old that DJing would take me this far. It is something that I have always done out of pure love. Now I’m being contracted for a full time TV position and paid to do something I truly love. It just goes to show, when you do something for the right reasons, the right things happen. Stay positive, stay true to what you love, don’t compromise your craft and never give up on your dreams.

I’d like to thank ESPN, specifically Kevin Wilson and Yaron Deskalo, for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. I promise not to let them or my fans down!!! An honorable mention goes out to my production team, GenErik, Dr. Butcher and Seth Wolf for helping me put together a lot of the music I’ll be playing on UNITE. I’d also like to thank CJ York (Keep It Movin) and Gracie Blackburn (ESPN) for handling press, Katalyst Bree for helping me get my thoughts together on this blast to all of you and the rest of the ESPN family for making me feel so welcomed.

Wish me luck ya’ll!