Do You Believe in Psychics?


At the end of every year my friend and I visit a psychic. For us, it’s a little cosmic fun! What is going to happen next year? Will we finally meet the man of our dreams? (‘Cause Lord knows we’ve both had a few nightmares!) The results of these missions are rarely groundbreaking.

“You are going to meet a man named Peter. He is going to be the love our your life yadda, yadda.”

It’s harmless fun which turns into a year-long running joke on our search for Peter. So, you can imagine my surprise when Rina, our psychic, said something to me that made me stock-still.

“You are trying to buy a house,” Rina stated.

“Uh, yeah.”

“It’s not gonna work out.”

“I’m sorry?”

“You don’t like it. Wait for something you like. It will come in February, don’t rush into this.”

My mouth hit the floor.

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