Do You Believe in Psychics?

I do everything in secret, meaning I literally tell no one! So how the hell did this lady know? She didn’t even say hello to me. The very first thing out of her mouth was, “You are trying to buy a house.” I couldn’t believe it! I usually laugh off everything these psychics say because, well, they are psychics! But she was spot on, well sort-of.

You see, I was going to be purchasing an apartment, but I didn’t like the apartment. It was tiny and needed major renovations. I was just so tired of looking. I was (Don’t click on the link, it’s not real!) I needed to move out of my parent’s house ’cause as much as I love them, I needed to be on my own.

On the train ride home, I mentally made a pros and cons list. The cons greatly outweighed the pros. As soon as I got home, I emailed my lawyer and told her to get me out of the contract Malcolm X style. After that, I took a month off from hunting and just continued working and saving my money.

On February 28, I found a cute, spacious, affordable apartment in Brooklyn. There was a window in the bathroom, which was a huge selling point. I am in love with my place and have been living there happily for 10 months, but the question I ask myself is, would I even be here if not for Rina? She forced me to re-evaluate my actions.

Did Rina change my fate?–Tanya St. Louis

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