Do You Tan?


We know skin tone is a big deal for women of color so as the sun’s rays begin to heat up and beam down this coming season,

some of us have a tendency to either duck and run for cover or lather on the baby oil to get nice and toasty—neither of which are particularly healthy.

In some of our quests not to get any darker, we avoid the sun like the plague, missing out on all of the fun activities that make the summer great—swimming, hanging out at the beach with our girls, jet skis, water skis, beach volleyball. We get caught up in colorism and can’t bare the thought of being a shade darker for an entire four months or so. Now If you’re a top-notch makeup junkie, a few too many days in the sun can mean revamping your entire summer makeup inventory which isn’t so nice on the wallet—but we typically do that anyway this season so that’s no excuse to unnecessarily avoid the sun.