Don’t Blush – You Need These Colors On Your Cheeks

Blush is often considered a non-essential. It’s the makeup item most women don’t wear and the product other women would give up if there was some cruel reason they had to. But here in the land of VIBE Vixen, we believe in the beauty of blush and we want you to get some in your life which is why we are recommending the following shades to kick your summer blushing off right.

Don’t be intimidated by how bright or bold a color looks in the photo or in the package when you head out to pick it up (which we hope you will), we would never steer you wrong. With that said, let’s get too it. Here are five spring/summer blushes you need for your cheeks

Nars Liberté

Orgasm is the Nars shade everyone knows about but we want to introduce you to another color from this company: Liberté. This spring 2012 burnished apricot shade has women of every color raving about it this season because it really is perfect for any complexion, which is why it’s been InStyle’s “Best Beauty Buy” for the past two years.

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