Exclusive Video! A-Trak Pops His Grey Goose Cherry in Hotel Noir


Vibe snagged the exclusive Hotel Noir, an extended version music video “Ray Ban Vision.” Starring A-Trak, the celluloid snippet is bold, rich and sensual. Not sure if we’re talking about the Grey Goose flavor, the DJ or the star-studded cameos (singers Neon Hitch and VV Brown, designer and producer Vashtie Kola, musician Declan Bennett and fashion designers Ricky and Dee Jackson) laced throughout. Let’s go with “all of the above.”

One thing is fo sho… We bow down to A-Trak, a true turntablist who can weave through records flawlessly, sans skips or hiccups of any kind. Juxtapose his aural aptitude with Grey Goose Orginal masterfully blended with ripe black cherries from the Basque region in France, and we have one exceptional event! Or at the very least, a well mixed one.

See for yourself!