Facebook Faceout: 83 Million of Your Friends Aren’t Real


The old saying of Facebook used to be: “Just because we’re friends on Facebook, doesn’t mean we’re friends in real life”. Well, that so-called friend of yours may really be fake, as from a recent regulatory upkeep filing on Wednesday, at least 83 million accounts on the social media site are fake, dupes, and total scams, which is roughly 8.7 of its 995 million users that are labeled as “active”. With this bit of news, Facebook is looking to start aggressively deleting accounts that were made of non-real identities (sorry, pet Fluffy; no more status updates for you!) The company took their mission of cleaning out its closet further by making three categories based upon this massive discovery of bogus profiles: duplicate, misclassified, and undesirable. A lot of the rules of Facebook common courtesy have also come in play as naturally many of these pages violated a bevy of rules such as only one personal account per person; no one under the age of 13 is allowed to have their an account; groups and corporations can have an account but as “pages”. Approximately 2.4% are “non-human personal” accounts (aka your cat Fluffy). In a statement, Facebook has said: “We believe the percentage of accounts that are duplicate or false is meaningfully lower in developed markets such as the United States or Australia and higher in developing markets such as Indonesia and Turkey”.

So while the average user on the site are who they say, if you see your friends list whittle down dramatically, don’t be too surprised as the Facebook commitee is on alert; yet the situation gets tricky as while they’re deleting accounts left and right, they won’t be completely removed because of their Safety & Security policies.