Fashion Must-Haves You Can Take from Summer into Fall


As we flip the calendar into September, it’s slowly becoming a harsh reality that the summer will soon be over. But just because the season is coming to an end, doesn’t mean certain articles of clothing have to! Believe it or not, there are staple pieces in your summer wardrobe that can easily transition into great looks for fall. These wardrobe tips are great in both seasons and actually save you money by double-dipping!

Here are seven items you can wear to transition your wardrobe from the warm days of summer to the brisk days of Fall.–Vicki Valery

First, make sure your dress is a solid color or a print that will transition into Fall. Layer your dress with a fitted denim jacket or a cropped motorcycle jacket. Add a pair of short booties, and wear tights and a scarf when the weather gets a little cooler.