Fat Princess & Sly Cooper Show Off In New Training Video

With Sony’s run of releasing strategy trailers for each member of their PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale roster coming to a close, we’re ecstatic to show off these two clips featuring Fat Princess and Sly Cooper.

Their two playstyles couldn’t be more different than everyone else in the group. Heralding from the PSN world, Fat Princess has been a consistently popular top-down multiplayer for awhile now, and Sly Cooper is, of course, from the classic stealth/theft series of action-platformers. Both characters may not be as highly regarded as their Battle Royale counterparts, but each will surely be forever recognized after the game’s subsequent release on October 23.

Fat Princess is a strong fighter with heavy combos, and she can use her villager-assisted attacked to lead into heavy angular blasts from the Princess herself. Her specials each involve her villagers in some way, and likely result in the Princess devouring a substantial amount of cake.

Sly Cooper, however, is a subtler fighter than the rest of the group, and has plenty of stealthy tricks up his sleeve. Combining that ability to go dark with an energy stealing back-stab is sure to be annoying to your competition and difficult to defend against. Add in his supers, each based around his friends and arsenal of tools, and Sly will be the torchbearer of what it means to be a new-age devious player.

So far, we’ve seen Kratos, Radec, PaRappa, Sweet Tooth and today’s Fat Princess and Sly Cooper videos. What we’re wondering is why is there no Spyro or Crash Bandicoot in PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale?

Props: Game Informer