Floyd Mayweather Jr. Released From Jail Today

Image Credit: Isaac Brekken/AP

Looks like yesterday’s story, regarding Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s early release, was in fact accurate. The undefeated champ has been released from prison today.

According to The NY Daily News, Mayweather was released from a Las Vegas jail just after midnight today. The early release stripped one month off his three-month sentence for a misdemeanor domestic battery charge.

His lawyers and personal physician apparently made a great case for his premature departure, citing risk of damaging his boxing career due to subpar jail food and water not meeting Mayweather’s dietary needs. Also, lack of exercise space in those cramped cells also allegedly threatened his health and fitness.

Mayweather’s partner in crime 50 Cent, along with a host of family members and friends, were there to welcome the champ as he walked out as a free man.

We’re happy that Floyd is officially not “state property” anymore. Now all he has to do is get himself back in top notch shape, as well as right some of his wrongs, and he’ll be that boastful champ we remember him as.