Forbes Highest-Paid DJs: Tiësto tells VIBE Cash is NOT King

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DJs have been dubbed the “Electronic Cash Kings,” by Forbes. EDM producers such as Tiësto, Skrillex and Swedish House Mafia are spinning music into money, power, respect… did we mention money? It’s the key to life, after all.

However, in a recent interview with VIBE, Tiësto (born Tijs Michiel Verwest, pronounced TYCE, as in he’s SO entTICING) made it clear that cash is not the king of his world.

“I understand that some people rate success by how much money someone makes, but I prefer to think of success in terms of how many people I make happy with my music and the experiences I have travelling around the world,” the pioneer EDM producer tells VIBE. Adding emphatically: “That is honestly the most important thing for me”

Perhaps the key to life is held in Tiësto’s motto. Tell us what you think…

Here’s Spin’s spin on dudes that spin:
With dance music booming enough to get its own new category at MTV’s VMAs, EDM has reached Forbes’ radar. The financial mag has done an investigation into how much DJs are raking in, ranking Dutch-born Tiësto, who has earnings of $22 million and commands an average nightly gross of $250,000, at the top of the list. Next up is Skrillex, whose earnings land in the $15 million range, followed closely by the Swedish House Mafia, who are entering their hiatus on top this year with $14 million in earnings (maybe they should reconsider calling it quits). Skrillex and Tiësto also made Forbes’ Celebrity 100 countdown.

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