Gotta Get up to Get Download -Free Gramatik EP


Pretty Lights artist and DJ Gramatik doesn’t give himself much rest, especially announced he’ll be embarking across the US just a couple of weeks after his summer tour ends. This time he’ll be bringing his beats alongside the original Bass Head himself, Lorin Ashton, better known as Bassnectar. The DJs will be hitting all the major cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Detroit, and New York. (See full listing here).

Gramatik has also released his new EP #digitalfreedom, clearly demonstrating the evolution of his sound; from his usual chilled out hip-hop driven beats to more bass-heavy grooves that he drops like they’re hot. He’s also dedicated this EP to fight Internet censorship bills. #digitalfreedom is Gramatik’s way of sonically spreading awareness. He strives to open the ears and eyes of the masses regarding government acts fighting to censure his platform for free file sharing.

That’s right, fight the power! Join in on Gramatik’s free file sharing by getting a free download of the entire EP here.