Guest Editor Trina Braxton: To Weave or Not To Weave, That Is the Question


Oh what a tangled weave, that weave, you’re trying to practice to deceive.” You ever wonder why wearing hair extensions got a bad rep? It’s been done in Hollywood for so many years, and yet when adapted by “our” culture, it is perceived in a negative light. But if you ask me, it is one of the best accessories ever created.

It makes me feel pretty and confident – especially when it’s done right. You can change your look from long to short and try new “looks” without having to alter your real hair. Hair extensions are just that, an extension of your personality. You can change the color or thickness, or even the length. Whether your feeling fun or flirty a person’s hair looks can alter how they feel that day. We all know that if your hair is not right, it tends to throw off your mood.

I enjoy the freedom of change that I get when I wear different hair extensions and pieces. I name them, and they each serve a specific purpose. Jessica is my favorite, she is curly and flowy. She makes me feel on my game. I just have to remember not to wear her at the airport, she has metal clips. LOL!