Halo 4 Looks To Change Multiplayer As We Know It

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Buckle up, gamers, as Microsoft and 343 Industries have released a Halo 4 multiplayer that knows you’ll be playing it this coming fall.

Don’t believe us if you must, yet your family, your significant other, and even your goldfish knows it. For Xbox owners, there is simply no bigger game. The unveiling of the multiplayer in Halo 4 shows off a bit of gameplay, but more importantly, it shows off the sorts of weapons that players will get to enjoy. Of course, you have your pre-existing weapons, like the pistol, DMR, rocket launcher and shotgun, but they all have new and improved noises and are joined by other new hardware like a sticky grenade launcher and a one shot kill rail gun.

If you’re not a fan of video game trailers with a dubstep soundtrack, don’t worry you can watch one without it. The second trailer actually lets you hear the action and noises that the guns make.

You can see for yourself below:

That rail gun looks pretty mean, right? It takes out targets with one shot and from the looks of it you might be able to time when the sticky grenade thrower releases its explosion.

Halo 4 will not hit stores until later this year, but is it looking like a strong Game of the Year candidate. What do you think?!

Props: IGN