“Heavenly Sword 2″ Concept Art Allegedly Leaks

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Could Nariko be making a return à la Nathan Drake in these leaked concept art images?

UPDATE via VG247: Ninja Theory’s Dominic Matthews has told VG247 that the shots are “not Ninja Theory art. Sony own the Heavenly Sword IP, whether or not they dabbled with new concepts independently of us is not something I can comment on.”

Original story down below:

According to AllGamesBeta, these nine images (which you can see below) are supposedly conceptual artwork for what was a planned Heavenly Sword 2 game via Ninja Theory. The most fantastic image out of the lot would have to be one where lead character Nariko is taking out enemies with her “Heavenly Sword” in what appears to be a desert setting.

The 2007 hack and slash adventure was praised for its graphics and combat system, yet panned for the game’s short length and lack of online capabilities. It did end with Nariko earning the title “Game Babe” sex symbol in 2007 and 2009, and countless features in lists of the best girls in video games for the past few years.

Originally, developer Ninja Theory planned on the PS3 exclusive title to be a trilogy, but since then they’ve focused on multi-platform development and it seems increasingly unlikely that a follow-up will happen.

Heavenly Sword 1
Heavenly Sword 2
Heavenly Sword 3
Heavenly Sword 4

Ninja Theory is currently working on rebooting Capcom’s Devil May Cry franchise with DmC, which is due out on January 15, 2013. You can check out the rest of the allegedly leaked images by heading over AllGamesBeta.

Props: IGN