Hip Hop/Indie Duo The Cataracs Split Up; Niles Releases Public Statement

Damn, it always sucks when music group/duos can’t make it work for whatever reason and decide to part ways. Hip Hop indie duo The Cataracs—consisting of members David Singer-Vine and Niles Hollowell-Dhar—are the latest to disband.

Here’s what member Niles had to say via their official Facebook page:

“To all of our amazing fans,

The Cataracs, as of 2 weeks ago, has taken a new form. David informed us of a pretty big decision… The decision to follow his heart and put music down. At the time it hit me like a sack full of “what the fuck” bricks. But it’s a choice I respect. He deserves happiness and if it’s not here in The Cataracs then he should be out there finding it.

Got it? Kinda intense right? Now breathe…

As for the future: Well, as some of you may know I’ve always been the only one in The Cataracs who produces music. So that doesn’t change. In fact, instead of slowing down these last weeks, I’ve collaborated with artists I could only dream of before and created the best music of my career. And the music will only continue to get bigger and better. You just won’t be hearing David on it anymore. It’s sad… But some doors close so that new ones can open.

So all that being said… Whattup guys. I am The Cataracs.”


By the looks of things, it sounds like a pretty amicable split. However, we wonder how The Cataracs sound will change without David’s input.