How EDM Maverick Dillon Francis Went From Dick Artist to Skrillex Signee

Chris Martins over at Spin offers up some noise on the noisemaker, Dillon Francis…

New Annoying Noise: Horny Spice eventually rebelled, finding his way to both a new pastime — writing graffiti under the tag Hymen B. Laster (“I drew dicks all over L.A.”) — and new tunes: the Blood Brothers, Metallica, the Descendents. Francis had no interest in electronic music until he heard the Bloody Beetroots in 2008. “It was like listening to really good, new punk,” he explains. “I’d been searching. You know, Darby Crash is dead and the Germs suck now. When I heard Rusko, I thought it sounded like thrash metal — like Slayer on crack with computer sounds.”

via Spin