Ice Cube Almost Finished With New Album


Ice Cube is nearly finished prepping his new album!

In an interview with Redbull USA, the NWA member revealed that the LP is 65 percent finished. “I’m pretty deep into it, I’m about 65 percent finished with it,” he said.

“It’ll be out next year, you know, and it’s hardcore Hip Hop. It’s street knowledge, it’s talking about what’s going on in the hood, but it’s talking about what’s going on in the political arena. It’s what I always try to give. Much more than just rhyming. Mostly, it’s Hip Hop for the soul. That’s what I’m trying to deliver.”

He also mentioned that the script for the newest Friday flick is almost done. “The script is almost finished, I got a meeting with New Line on Monday or Tuesday, to talk about the next step,” he said. “You gotta get that script tight before you can take the next step.”

The upcoming album is set to be titled Everything’s Corrupt and hit stores next year.