Artem Stolyarov, or Arty, is barely old enough in the States to buy a PYT a drink, but he’s already on DJ Mag’s Top 100 list, and: “is one of a rising breed of Russian trance producers now starting to make their mark on the scene.” The 22-year-old EDM producer is touring with Identity Festival this summer, where he sat down with VIBE after a massive set to chat about music (“I just tired to be different…”), life and love of the Big Apple—“I traveled around the world and finally figured out that New York is the best place for me to be based.”

Let hear it for…

VIBE: What are you feeling right now after playing a massive set at ID Festival?
ARTY: I’m feeling sweaty and tired. It’s a good feeling. Sweaty and tired means it was off the hook.

Have you ever played in Ibiza or in you native, Russia?
No, I missed it this summer because of ID Tour, but next summer I will be in Ibiza. I’m super excited about ID Festival this summer, and I am excited about Ibiza next summer. It’s a good feeling.

What’s you’re favorite city in the world?
New York is so amazing. I’m honest with you, because I traveled around the world and finally figured out that New York is the best place for me to be based. I actually just got an apartment in Manhattan. It’s a pretty cool place with an amazing view of all Manhattan. You can see these crazy things. I’m happy because when I have a break between shows I know there’s a place that I can go for a couple of days and just chill out.

Where is your favorite place to DJ in New York?
Pacha. I have played it three times. Two times were after-parties, after a show with Avicii and one after Alesso’s birthday. In February I had my own show and it was crazy. Pacha is actually my favorite place to play in America.

If you could collaborate with one rapper who would it be?
Chris Brown

How was it remixing Zedd on the EP Spectrum?
It was a chance for me to make something different of the track. I just tried to be different, but in a way that fits with my last sets. I totally change the harmony on the track. I’m sure I got it, and people like this track.