Introducing Orlando’s Best Kept Hip-Hop Secret: Caskey

Orlando may not be known for hip-hop heavyweights, but that is all about to change. Aside from Disney and Universal, there’s some musical attractions that have yet be discovered in the O. On a recent trip down to Florida, VIBE spent a long weekend getting to know Orlando’s best kept secret, a young rapper by the name of Caskey. The 19-year old recently released his hailed mixtape, No Complaints, and is set, along with his production squad The Avengerz, to run rap their own way. Spend the next few minutes getting to know the first rapper destined to bring real rap respect to his hometown. Watch Caskey’s exclusive VIBE interviews below:

Part 1 – Caskey’s introduction to Hip-Hop Click Here To Watch Part 2: Caskey Talks ‘White Rapper Stigma’ and Tweets From Birdman Click Here To Watch Part 3: Caskey Talks About His Late Father Listen to Caskey’s breakthrough mixtape, No Complaints.