Ivan Ukhov Takes Home Gold Medal After Losing His Shirt

Russian jumper, Ivan Ukhov, may have lost his shirt during the Olympics, but he took home a gold medal!

Before competing for the gold on Tuesday, Ukhov misplaced his shirt. “The shirt disappeared, miraculously,” said Ukhov to an interpreter.

Despite this, he geared up in a new shirt and cleared 7-83/4 and 7-93/4 jumps against his American opponent Erik Kynard.

Kynard followed Ukhov’s win closely, taking home the silver medal for the U.S. “I thought, ‘I’m definitely going to beat him. He doesn’t even have his shirt,’” said Kynard. “But, hey, he rose to the occasion as well.”

“I tried to win the gold to let people know my name is Erik Kynard Jr., not Kobe Jr,” he said. ” But, hey, maybe they’ll appreciate silver.”

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