Jay-Z Is Serious About Food


Jay-Z has come to blows with his once personal chef over the recipes to popular menu items from his 40/40 club. This comes after the Roc Nation captain hired Chef Mike Shand to make improvements to the culinary offerings of his establishment as a part of a $10 million project.

According to Jay, Shand did nothing of the sort and is suing him for $1.5 million dollars.

“The spice-mix recipe that Mike developed is his own recipe,” Shand’s lawyer, Vik Pawar, said in reference to one menu item in particular. “40/40 terminated him, then had the audacity to sue him for his recipes. He gave them all apart from this spice-mix because it is his own. Mike had a wonderful relationship with Jay-Z and Beyonce for many years.”

The menu item in question is 40/40’s famous chicken wings that, according to the New York Post, is the centerpiece of this lawsuit. Jay-Z is claiming a profit loss due to Shand and has yet to issue a public statement concerning to lawsuit.