Jennifer Lopez Files $20 Million Extortion Suit Against Ex-Driver


Love may not cost a thing for Jennifer Lopez, but confidentiality sure does!

According to TMZ, Jenny filed a $20 million extortion suit against her former driver, who allegedly demanded $2.8 million or he’d spill all the secrets he overheard while chaffeuring her.

The case is a countersuit to a claim filed by Hakob Manoukian, who claimed he was forced to resign after being publicly berated by J.Lo’s manager, Benny Medina.

In her countersuit, obtained by TMZ, Lopez says Manoukian wanted to control her entire security team and get more money for doing it. If he wasn’t paid the $2.8 million, he threatened to take the info to authorities and have Lopez criminally prosecuted.

The “If You Had My Love” singer, who’s currently on tour with Enrique Iglesias, is suing for damages in excess of $20 million.