Jessica Alba Tweets Star-Studded Photo with Nas, Kelly Sawyer and Nicole Richie


While intermingling in the entertainment industry is nothing new, it’s still a sight to see when the unlikeliest celebs get together.

Nas recently pimped it out with some of Hollywood’s brightest starlets in a new photo Jessica Alba posted on Twitter.

The ‘Good Luck Chuck’ actress posted a photo next to the rapper and her friends Kelly Sawyer and Nicole Richie with the message, “Just a regular #mondaynight @nasnyc @kellysawyer @nicolerichie.”

Meanwhile the former ‘Real Life’ star Nicole wasn’t as lowkey on her Twitter, snapping her own photo and tweeting, “Ain’t nothin humble about this brag! #HolyS**tItsNAS.”

The only bone we have to pick with the flick is not getting an invite.