Joachim Garraud Remixes Usher’s “Scream”


As the masses continue to eat up electronic dance music, well-seasoned producers have started dabbling with remixing mainstream anthems. Usher’s resume reads like laundry list of #1 singles to go with 12 studio albums. The beloved R&B vocalist just knows how to release the heat. This past April, Usher released the second single off of his recently released album, Looking 4 Myself. Titled “Scream”, this dance/pop integration hit the airwaves like a Stage 5 hurricane. It was only a matter of time before a talented DJ/producer would take Usher’s uplifting acapella and turn it into a dancefloor gem.

Enter Joachim Garraud.
The French producer has worked with a number of music’s A-listers such as David Bowie, Moby, Robbie Rivera and many other big time artists. He has also ghost produced for dance music’s most renowned like David Guetta and the now defunkt Deep Dish. Considered to be a master of the catchy big room sound packed with in your face synths, Garraud is the right man to be remixing any tune. Recently the French producer posted 3 separate remixes to ‘Scream’. While all being fairly similar, each remix offers a fresh take on the electrifying voice of Usher. For those of you slowly getting into this EDM frenzy, one of these remixes is bound to catch your ear. Don’t believe us? Take a listen below.