John Mayer Chopped Off His Hair Because of Katy Perry?

John Mayer knows how to sing about love and heartbreak but that doesn’t mean he has it all mastered. Pop Culture critics think his recent breakup with the pop sensation may have lead Mayer to chop off all his hair.

People has been following all the Mayer-hair-follice developments since the couple’s split

Mayer got the cut on Friday afternoon at the Sally Hershberger salon in L.A. by Sally herself. Right after he got the new do, Mayer – sporting a red T-shirt – headed off in his Range Rover, and took a moment to check out his new look in his side-view mirror, according to an observer. The singer-songwriter – who has long accessorized his mane with floppy hats – grew out his hair during his two-year hiatus from the spotlight. During the event Saturday, Mayer mingled with Kaling’s The Office costars, including B.J. Novak. Despite the recent split, Mayer’s social life hasn’t suffered. On Thursday, was spotted out at Soho House in West Hollywood where he was seen sipping a Moscow mule and “flirting and talking” with two women, according to an observer.

Ladies, is Mayer even hotter now?