Is Karlie Redd 47? Twitter Discusses Her Age

[email protected] The big question is not whether Big Foot exists or Loch Ness has really been spotted. The main question is, how old is Karlie Redd?

[email protected] Karlie redd from #LHHATL has a daughter that is 18. Folks wanna be in the industry so bad, this chick is way past her prime. Give it up

@vivala_roxy Katt Williams is Karlie Redd’s baby daddy… scandalous.

[email protected] When i get older imma b just like karlie redd .. Nobody but my momma & god will kno my real age !

@iSo14below Ummmmm….what’s this about Karlie Redd’s daughter going to CAU???

[email protected] Did Karlie Redd really march with MLK ??

@Real_Housewives Karlie Redd was allegedly born 26th of February in 1965 – She’s 47!#LHHATL

@MikeEppps Karlie Redd needs to start acting her age instead of her hair length.

 [email protected] So word on the street is Karlie Redd’s daughter is a senior at FAMU. *sips lemonade*

@BeautifuILove @KARLIEREDD If they can get Whitneys casket photo how do u think u can hide ur age an ur child? Just wondering..

Vixens, what do you think?