Let Kanye Upgrade You


Dear Vixens and Gents,

A few years ago when Beyoncé bragged about switching Jay-Z’s ties to Purple Label, women around the world followed suit, chanting the new “Upgrade U” anthem and rushing to department stores to restyle their men from head to toe.

Three months ago, when VIBE Vixen posted on J. Lo upgrading new boyfriend Casper all was well. But for something that was just so acceptable has somehow become a victim of the double standard. See Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Kanye West–the rapper, producer, filmmaker and most recently, fashion designer–decided to enlist the services of his stylist to clean out his girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s closet and purchase a new wardrobe for her taping of Oprah’s Next Chapter. For some, this would be a dream come true, the come-up of all come-ups, but for others, this was the unthinkable.