Let Kanye Upgrade You

As the episode aired, females on Twitter ranted about Kanye being tacky, uncalled for and questioned why Kanye would do this. They compared the (already rich and fashionable) Kim to Amber Rose, clowned Kim for being made over by her man and accused him of being overbearing (and homosexual).

I personally didn’t see the issue. Yes, I thought it was hilarious that he uttered, ‘[You’re] getting on best dressed lists now. You’re stepping into this territory,” publicly deeming Kim’s previous wardrobe as unbecoming, but I never would have considered such a kind gesture as anything other than just that.

The facts are that Mr. West is rich and can afford to makeover all of his girlfriends. (It was rumored that Alexis Phifer, Brooke Crittendon, Amber Rose and Selita Ebanks wardrobe were all made-over); Kanye West is known to be fly, sometimes questionable, but always on the cutting edge of fashion. Kanye saw that his girl was not being respected within the world of fashion and decided to, for lack of a better phrase, “upgrade her.”

So what’s the big deal? Is the issue because it’s KimYe, the new celebrity couple that you either love or hate? Could Yeezy’s gestures simply be a labor of love? Can men not want their ladies to look nice? But most importantly, is it tricking if you got it?

I feel as if this happens all the time, amongst the wealthiest and poorest couples. How many wealthy men give their girlfriends access to their credit card and allow their girl to purchase whatever they desire? How many blue collar men avoid establishing a savings so they can routinely purchase their girlfriends the new “it” shoe and bag of the moment. How many basketball wives, ex-wives and real housewives do we have to watch get chose and upgraded (every week!) before we realize this man-likes-to-upgrade-his-woman phenomenon is nothing new but indeed the new American way.

Many men like their woman to be the envy of all women and have no issues financially supporting that. If Kanye wants Kim to match his fly (fellas, learn how here), I support it.

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