Lil Wayne to Drop Rap For Skateboarding?


While Lil Wayne is set to release his mixtape, Dedication 4, on August 15, the Young Money frontrunner recently revealed that he’s put rap on the back burner for skateboarding!

“I picked up the skateboard and I thought it’d be a hobby and what happened is it’s a lifestyle,” he said during a phone call with DJ Drama. “In order to be fully committed, you have to live that lifestyle. With these young kids now, you have to be about that life. It’s kind of putting rap on the back burner. Rap’s taken a backseat to skating.”

In addition, he spoke about taking a break from the rap game. “I kinda feel like I deserve that. I feel like the fans deserve a lil’ no Wayne,” he said. “I’ve been everywhere. I’ve been out on everybody’s song, I’m still on everybody’s song, my artists are doing awesome. I believe the fans deserve some peace from me. I be on my skateboard in the meantime.”

He also revealed that he and 2 Chainz were more than just rap buddies.“That’s my friend. That’s not my rap buddy. That’s my real friend. I know that guy when he didn’t know how to make no words rhyme. He’s ‘Tity baby, put it in the air’ for me. And all of a sudden this guy is killing it, he murdered the show. I was like, ‘That can’t be him up there.’ It’s weird to me.”

In response to Jas Prince’s claims that he is owed millions by Drake’s camp, he said that these claims were false. “My first time hearing about it was yesterday. All I can say is that it’s not true. I really have no response. I’m just making a lot of money over here and it’s a lot of fun over here. My daughter is beautiful and my son’s awesome.”

Watch the full interview below.

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