A List Of All The Food Rick Ross Has Rapped About


Rick Ross has a not so secret love affair with food. So with the Teflon Don’s album, God Forgives, I Don’t, hitting stores this week, New York’s Vulture team sifted through the Bawse’s rich rhymes and compiled a list of every food item Rick Ross has lyrically referenced. Below is just the tip of the iceberg:

* Baguettes (“Hustle Hard Remix” (Ace Hood song): Rolex embedded with princess and baguettes)
* Biscuit (“This is the Life”: Started with a biscuit now I got a loaf/ Hoes wanna slice I wann tell her no/ But I can’t I get a rush blowin dough)
* Bread (“All the Money in the World”: Bust his ass his whole life, just want to break bread with him)
* Dough (“Fountain of Youth”: From the churches I rose, only loving the dough)
* Loaf (“Mafia Music 2”: My last loaf was gift wrapped by Castro)
* Toast (“Told Y’all” (Trina song): East to west coast I’m the best wit toast)

* Cap’n Crunch (“Deeper Than Rap”: Shotty all in the kitchen, heard over a bowl of cereal/ This deeper than rap/ I guess a box of Cap’n Crunch get you deeper than that)
* Pancakes (“Heavy Artillery” (Game song): My shit pancakes, my shit three wheels)
* Trix (“BET MMG Cypher”: Now my watch fruity colors like Trix in a box)
* Turkey Bacon (“Sixteen”: Waking up to turkey bacon and my thick queen)

Read the full list of food items at Vulture.

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