Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (Ep.9) Recap

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The drama didn’t cease to exist on this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Last week’s episode left off with a therapy session with Stevie J gone array while this week found him trying to sort through all of the madness. After it all calmed down, Joseline and Mimi, were able to finish off the rest of their session with Joseline explaining the reason for her violent outburst and Mimi deciding she’d had enough.

In other news, Karlie Redd confronts Benzino about what she deems as anger issues and Rasheeda reveals to K.Michelle that she doesn’t believe her claims of abuse.

But the turning point really comes when Scrappy has the epiphany that he wants to work things out with his baby mother, Erica. Despite his relationship with Shay being brought to light, he continued to dismiss the ordeal as nothing more than a friendship and revealed his plans of wining Erica back to his less than enthusiastic mother.

Watch the episode below.