Miley Cyrus’ TV Role Means Romance on ‘Two and A Half Men’

Miley Cyrus has not only joined the list of recent celebrities to chop off their hair, but she’s also got a new TV role on the horizon.

As reported, Cyrus will star on several episodes of Two and Half Men as the role of new girl who comes to town and sparks the romantic interest of Angus T. Jones’ character, Jake Harper. However, Jones says he had no idea Miley was even joining the show.

“Honestly, they don’t tell me anything about what the future shows are going to be,” Jones told E! of Cyrus’ guest spot while promoting The Creative Coalition at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. “But if that’s what’s going to happen it will be cool. I’ve met her a few times before and it would be fun to work with her.”

The tenth season of the popular sitcom will air on Thursday, September 27 at 8:30 ET/PT on CBS.

Could their upcoming onscreen romance lead to a real relationship?