Missy Elliott On New Aaliyah Album: “I Had No Clue There Was One.”


Like the late great Aaliyah once stated, we need a resolution—at least when it comes down to who’s actually producing on her upcoming posthumous album.

In the latest update, Missy Elliott currently has fans scratching their heads after denying any knowledge of a new Aaliyah album, let alone producing on it.

She responded to a fan’s congratulations tweet on helping form Aaliyah next album by tweeting, “I had no clue there was one no 1 told me…”. This comes the same day that Aaliyah’s cousin, and head of her label Blackground Records, Jomo Hankerson confirmed Missy and Timbaland’s involvement with the project—even stating the existence of an unreleased song featuring Missy herself.

The tweet (seen above) was later deleted from Missy’s timeline, so maybe she just spoke prematurely. We certainly hope that everyone can come together and represent Baby Girl the right way.