Navy Seal From Bin Laden Capture To Release Tell-All Book


A controversial new novel is in the works, chronicling the capture and assassination of terrorist Osama Bin Laden.

The book, titled No Easy Day, will be released by a Navy Seal—under the pseudonym “Mark Owen”—involved in the capture of Bin Laden. It’s scheduled to hit stores on, of all days, Sept 11th.

According to The Telegraph, No Easy Day comes just as a group of retired special operations and CIA officers have launched a campaign accusing President Barack Obama of revealing classified details of the mission and turning the killing of bin Laden into a campaign centerpiece. The group complains that Obama has taken too much credit for the operation.

The author of the book, who has left the military and as previously mentioned writing under a ghost name, describes the book as an effort to “set the record straight about one of the most important missions in US military history.” It’s considered his recollection of the sacrifices that the special operations forces make to do the job and is written in the hope that it will inspire young men to become Seals.

You may wonder how he can write this book without releasing sensitive information regard our military intel. According to Pentagon regulations, retired personnel, former employees and non-active duty members of the Reserves “shall use the DoD security review process to ensure that information they submit for public release does not compromise national security.” If there is classified information in the book, the former SEAL could actually face criminal charges.

If this in fact is released, No Easy Day should be an interesting read.