NBA 2K13 To Support Kinect; Not PS Move

A few days ago, the best basketball video game in the world had its box art leak onto the Internet, and the cover featured an interesting new tie-in.

NBA 2K13, which will be out this year for the Xbox 360 and PS3, will be supported by the Kinect. This latest development is keen because the motion sensing device is also voice activated, which means that 2K Sports critically acclaimed sports title will support Kinect voice commands. Sadly though, for PlayStation 3 gamers, PlayStation Move support has been nixed.

Would-be ballers and all-around gamers will be able to use the Kinect for actions like calling plays and moving specific players on the fly. And much like EA SportsFIFA ’13, you can curse at the game too, but the in-game refs will call a technical foul on you for venting your frustrations so profanely. The commands will be available for use when playing against the AI, but you will not be able to slang any slurs in any form of multiplayer. As for the Kinect’s motion control counterpart, the PS Move, it’s been cut just a year removed from its NBA 2K debut, and no official reason was given for the decision.

NBA 2K13 will launch on all major consoles and PC this October.

Props: VG/247