New Artist Alert: Dillon Cooper


With a vicious attack to melodic beats, Brooklyn’s own Dillon Cooper is ready for the world, yep, that grimey one known as the music industry. His real dude appeal (hence his government name is also his stage name), is grounded with the roots of Crown Heights, Brooklyn and parents that inspired him to explore the full spectrum of the arts. The 19-year-old, avid inline skater taught himself how to play the guitar at 8-years-old and learned the piano at four-years-old.

Upon entering Berklee College of Music at 17-years-old, the rapper and sometimes actor (he’s been in various nationwide commercials and music videos), has been focused on getting his music to the masses. What better way to do so than hitting up Youtube and finding out how the people take to your talent? View the clips below that DC has created against lush but rugged soundscapes produced by Jay Da Great. The visuals are a stark look into the everyday life of a youngster from NYC’s real people blocks.

Check more of Dillon and his R.a.D. (Ridiculous and Driven) movement at here.


Common People Ft. Bianelys

Shadows Pt II