New Artist Alert: King Shakes

Most would think that it’s a breeze to enter an industry where a relative has already laid the foundation of the family name out for the masses…not so. A lot of times it’s just the opposite. Your name and that of the fam that came before you are linked but not in line directly. Only a few people can say that their Dad helped usher in the new wave of the urban music industry in the 90s by creating the “How Can I Be Down” conference, and King Shakes is one of them. Born Peter Thomas Jr, King Shakes is the son of mogul/reality TV star Peter Thomas of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Having a Dad of such strong street and industry ties would only lead King Shakes to the world of music himself.

Growing up in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan until his mid-teens, K. S. moved to Hollywood…Florida that is. Before making the transfer to the sunshine state K. S. took a healthy dose of hip-hop jones with him to his new locale. Inspired by the usual iconic suspects of his youth DMX, Tupac, Biggie Smalls and Jay-Z, K.S. took to making his own name shine in battles and street sessions to prove his ground. Those street meets introduced him to the hustling lifestyle that peppers his lyrics. Knowing that the fast life of concrete and cold hearts would end in a tragic way, beats, rhymes and life became his new focus. Thus, FTYMG (Fresher Than You Music Group) was born. The music entertainment company based out of Miami has big plans and they start with King Shakes, Harlem repper, rapper/producer Fynese and rapper Prince Rome.

To get into the FTYMG movement view the visuals that the fellas got going. Be on the look out for their clothing line called “FTY MIllions”. We are sure that the hustler’s bloodline is strong to succeed.