New DmC: Devil May Cry Trailer Reveals Lots Of Action

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Gamers reaction to January’s Devil May Cry reboot made most happy for the change. Yet, while DmC: Devil May Cry doesn’t exactly look the look of the classic series, a new trailer aims to show that it’s at least walking the walk.

The quick 1:36 trailer looks to be a throwback to the franchise’s storied history. If you press play in the clip below, you can see such memorable things as the Stinger combo, air launchers, and even collectable skulls. There’s even that good ol’ fashioned awful soundtrack. It’s the Devil May Cry you know and love! The trailer is meant to pacify fans who are still upset at the outsourcing of the Capcom classic to developer Ninja Theory. Despite the occasional controversial comments from pundits and critics alike, the level design and camera angles on display in previous clips, and this trailer, show off the game’s biggest strengths.

You can expect more information about 2013’s brawler at Gamescom next week. If you’re unable to go to Cologne, Germany then by all means, you should press play and enjoy the ride below:

Props: VG/247