New Music: Booka Shade Offers Sugary Sound


In a genre that tends to be dominated by wubs, wobbles and sirens, Booka Shade creates a sound that is refreshingly clean, yet inspiringly complex in their new single “Honeyslave.”

Most web references classify the German Duo’s sound as “house” music, but I would describe their new track as “electro groove,” and believe me, the groove factor is alive and well in this new single.

What stands out in “Honeyslave” is that it relies on a complex undercurrent and pattern of repeating rhythms, opposed to easily identifiable repeated melody commonly found in house tracks. The track starts out with an understated percussion that moves under more prevalent beats throughout its six-minute and twenty-four-second duration. By doing this, Booka Shade keeps your head bobbing, anticipating rhythmic change-ups as the syncopated beats keep you entranced in the sound.

Another unique aspect of Booka Shade’s sound in their new track is the lack of a traditional “drop.” Where most electro dance tracks will build incessantly to a rhythmic drop that accosts the senses, “Honeyslave” is instead nuanced with a minimalist effect that is a delight to the ear. When one would typically expect a massive drop, they are instead taken further into the complexity of the track with restrained melodies that allows the ear to distinguish all of the tantalizing patterns unfolding within the rhythm.