New Videos: Beanie Sigel x State Property, Fred The Godson x Jim Jones, Gucci Mane, L.E.P Bogus Boys x French Montana x Chinx Drugz, Boogz Boogetz


New music videos for your viewing pleasure

1. Beanie Sigel (feat. State Property) – “The Reunion”

You gotta love these dudes for bringing the comedy to hip-hop. This light-hearted video is fun, with a dope song to accompany.

2. Fred The Godson (feat. Jim Jones) – “Spike Lee”

For some reason, this video looks like a “Chicken Noodle Soup” party from 2007. Not sure if that invokes nostalgia or if it’s played out.

3. Gucci Mane (feat. Jim Jones) – “Kansas”

Not too much going on here aside from the usual “girls, cash, cars” formula. The biggest thing that stands out is Gucci’s belly—literally.

4. L.E.P Bogus Boys (feat. French Montana & Chinx Drugz) – “Dirty Money”

We don’t think we’ve ever seen people throwing “dirty money” into a washing machine. Points for “innovation” & being literal.

5. Boogz Boogetz – “Sucker Free”

As far as the visual, there was some cool stuff going on with the framing. Not too much happening after you get past that minor detail.