New Videos: Black Hippy, Havoc, Sterling Simms x Meek Mill, Kid Ink, Avery Storm, P. Aces x Miz, Dub

New music videos for your viewing pleasure

1. Ab-Soul (feat. Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q & Jay Rock) – “Black Lip Bastard (Remix)”

The gang’s all here! This black hoody steez they have going on in the video pairs well with the color effects. It simple, but dope.

2. Havoc – “Separated (Real From The Fake)”

While the video tells a tale of a failed drug partnership resulting in both dudes getting knocked, I think we all can read between the lines on this one. Sigh…

3. Sterling Simms (feat. Meek Mill) – “Tell Her Again”

The reggae fusion vibe in the song is cool. The video should’ve played more on that aspect, as oppose to just dudes hanging on the block.

4. Kid Ink – Hell & Back

At least in Kid Ink’s post-apocalyptic world, there’s beautiful girls in bikinis sun-bathing. That’s almost worth being the only man alive for.

5. Avery Storm – “Need You Tonight”

The dark, sultry visuals in this video brings the smooth, suave vocals of the song to life. Good job.

6. P. Aces (feat. Miz) – “Goodbye”

The song’s lyrics and the video are a bit off-sync. We wish the sense that Aces was saying “goodbye” was better represented. It would’ve made for a better, and more original, video.

7. Dub – “The Flow”

Let’s see: a mob of people hanging on the block, police sirens, and little kids out way past their bedtime. Looks like a typical summer night in NYC!